Saturday, May 22, 2010

Counting Down to Lost Finale... and Some Great Deals!

Anyone else excited about the 2 and a half hour Lost finale tomorrow??  I can't wait.  To take my mind off all the anticipation... I went shopping.

Rite Aid transaction 1

3 Huggies 8.99 (used 3 3/1 and 2 1/1 VV)
2 Nature's Bounty 5.49 BOGO (used 1 5/1, 1 3/1, and 2 1/1 VV)
milk 2.29
trial pack of Tugaboos .89
Everlast supplement 5.99 (used 10/1)
also, used 5/20 VV
subtotal: 2.63
total: 3.74 on gift card

My total would have been less than the cost of just the milk, but I grabbed the Tugaboos trial pack when I was waiting in line.  It cost .89 (with wellness card) for 2 diapers, which is a horrible deal considering I've been getting jumbo packs for basically free.  The reason I got it is because I heard it contains a 1/1 Tugaboos coupon, which is does.  I also heard you can roll this, so each time I go to Rite Aid, I'm going to get another trial pack for free after coupon.  Every little bit helps, right?  Now I've finished out the SCR for Buy 5 Huggies, Get 1 Free.

Rite Aid transaction 2:

8 Huggies wipes 2 for $5 (used 4 2/2)
2 Nature's Bounty 6.49 (used 2 3/1 and 2 1/1 - I'm all out of $5 coupons and these were the cheapest vitamins left in stock... Still, I got a little overage.)
Everlast energy supplement 5.99 (used 10/1)
also used 5/20 VV
subtotal: 1.48
total: 2.68 on gift card

CVS transaction 1:

2 Aussie shampoo 2.99 each (used 2 2/1)
2 Gillette shampoo/body wash 4.00 each (used 4/2)
4 Sobe 1.69 BOGO (used 2 BOGO)
2 CVS pocket tissues 2 for .99 (used 1/2 CRT paper products)
1 CVS jumbo makeup wedges .99 (used 1/1 CRT facial products)
also used 4.99 and 2.00 ECB
subtotal: -1.03
total: .36 on gift card, received 4 ECB (Aussie) and 8 ECB (Gillette)

CVS transaction 2: (this was a joint transaction with my stuff and my dad's stuff)
1 Toy Story Bandaids (my dad can't say no to his grandchild!) 2.50
1 box of cookies 2.44 (my dad can't say no to his sweet-tooth!) (not pictured)
2 Gillette body washes 4.00 each (used 4/1 but for some reason the receipt says 4.99?!)
2 CVS pocket tissues 2 for .99 (used 1/2 CRT paper products)

1 CVS jumbo makeup wedges .99 (used 1/1 CRT facial products)
also used 5 ECB
subtotal: 2.93
total: 3.62 paid by my dad because I contributed the ECB, received 8 ECB for Gillette


That picture is horrible.  I guess I'm not good at making artistic designs with my purchases!

2 Solo cups 1.99 each (used 2 .75/1 doubled)
1 Solo bowls 1.99 (used .75/1 doubled)
1 Solo plates 1.99 (used .75/1 doubled)
6 Gerber 2nd Organics 1.49 each (used 1/6 *so expensive but did you see the new study linking pesticides to ADHD??)
Cheerios 3.59 (used 1/1 *horrible price but we finally ran out!)
4 SR spring water .89 each
2 Ronzoni pasta 1.67 each (used 2 .75/1 doubled)
2 Jack Daniels BBQ sauce 1.50 each (used 2 .75/1 doubled=free *actually, just noticed that one of the coupons rang up .50 instead of .75 and didn't double???)
Heinz relish .99 (used .75/1 doubled=overage)
SR paper towels 2.99
Tasters Choice Instant Coffee .99 (*only bought this because I had a free item coupon but the coupon isn't on my receipt, so I'll probably bring it back.  It's only .99 but I hate when coupons are missed.)
SR seltzer .99
SR Amish pretzels 1.00
SR wheat bread 1.69
bananas .43
oranges 1.35
apples 1.97
4 Breyers 4.29 each (used 4 freebie coupons)
1 Marcal toilet paper (used freebie coupon)
also used 5/50 and got .40 for using 8 bags
total: $24.00 and got $4 catalina for Solo stuff

OK, now I can get back to anticipating Lost!


  1. Wasn't the finale awesome? I stayed up to watch the whole thing and now I'm basically a walking zombie with the little sleep I got, but it was so worth it.

  2. So sad it's over! I wish there were more intelligent, well written shows like this. Now the only show I'm looking forward to watching is my guilty pleasure The Bachelorette. I'm thinking about giving Glee a shot.