Saturday, May 29, 2010

Check Your Receipts!!

At Shoprite today, I thought I did pretty well.  I estimated my total to be somewhere around $20.  When the cashier said $43.48, I actually felt embarrassed by such a high total.  I'm sure $43 was a low total for most shoppers on a Saturday afternoon, but I had counted on all this overage.  I even added in a few items I need because I was doing so well.  So what happened?  As I slowly walked to my car examining the receipt, I realized that my Price Plus card didn't scan.  The cashier handed it back to me so I assumed he scanned it, but I guess not.  Customer service refunded me $26.66, bringing my actual total to $16.82.  Plus, I got a $3 catalina for buying Breyers I will also submit for 2.99 yogurt rebate.  However, since all the prices on my receipt don't reflect the Price Plus savings, I'm just going to list what I got without each item's price.

Gerber yogurt (will submit for Try Me Free / peelie on item)
Gerber graduates spaghetti rings (my kid is a very picky eater, unfortunately)
4 Alpo dog food (used 1/4 coupon)
2 Marcal toilet paper (used 2 freebie coupons)
3 SR spring water
SR amish pretzels
lansinoh nursing pads
Simply Smart milk (freebie coupon)
2 Breyers ice cream pops/sandwiches (freebie coupons)
1 Breyers ice cream (1/1 coupon)
12 Bordens cheese slices (used 12 1/1 coupons = overage on each of .12)
1 tomato
1 watermelon (not pictured - for my dad)
1 pkg smart dogs
6 al fresco chicken sausages (used 6 2/1 coupons and got about .50 overage on each!)


  1. Wow!!! Nice Savings. I went to Shoprite also to purchase the Al fresco sausage, but didn't find them ~ hopefully, i'll find it this week. Anyway, i got 2 solo cups, 2 solo plates, 3 santa cruz lemonade, 5 bumble bee pouch tuna, 1 tabasco sauce, 4 bananas, 2 ronzoni whole wheat pasta and 1 capri sun for $7 bucks.
    Total out of pocket $11.24 and got 4 catalina from solo. This is my lowest oop yet @SR.

    Love your blog!!!

  2. Thanks, Michelle. You did great at SR!! Are the Al Fresco sausage on sale this week too? At the store I went to, they were on the back wall of the store, to the left of the Perdue refrigerated chicken nuggets. The Al Fresco packages are smaller than I expected, so I couldn't find them at first either. I was so happy I did though!

  3. Hi there,
    I don't know if its still on sale this week but the regular price is 3.49 so with the coupon it will be $1.49. BTW, let me know if you want some diaper coupons,i don't need them so i just end up throwing it out.

  4. I printed some more Al Fresco coupons just in case it goes on sale again. We ate some yesterday and it was delicious! Thanks for the coupon offer! I may take you up on that!!!