Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick Rite Aid and CVS Stops

Pic coming later...

I needed to use my $20 Rite Aid allergy certificate before it expired, and I had limited time today.  So I did a super fast trip trying to basically roll the $20 into rebate money.  I'm sure I could have planned a much better money making transaction, but sometimes I just don't have the time...

2 Friskies cat food cans .80 each
Organix shampoo w/ try me free tag 6.29
physicians formula mascara w/ try me free label 9.85
style science sunglasses 11.69 (used 10/1 vv)
crest 2.99 (used 1/1)
5 kit kats .50 each
1 M+M's .79
used 5/25
used $20 allergy certificate
subtotal: -.29
total w/ tax: .57 on gift card, will submit for $5 sunglasses scr, 2.99 crest scr, and the 2 TMF rebates.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nothing Like Waiting 'Til the Last Minute...

I ran around town trying to finish up a bunch of deals that end today.
First stop...  my favorite - Rite Aid...

Milk 2.06 (I'm now at 10% off wellness level)
Finish quantumatic kit 5.49 (used 3/1 and 4/1 vv)
Nice and easy 7.19 (used 1/1 and 2.50/1 in-ad)
2 Purex 3in1 3.00 each (used  2 1/1 and 2 2/1 vv)
Motrin PM 3.00 (used 2/1)
2 Ph. Formula eye liners BOGO 50% off 5.50 and 2.75 (used 2 5/1 RA coupons)
Zegerid OTC 11.69 (used 4/1 and 3/1 vv coupon)
used 1 off household purchases from previous receipt
used 5/25
used 3 +up
subtotal: -.82
total w/ tax: .85 on gift card, received 3+up Motrin, 2+up Nice and Easy, 1+up Purex, and will submit for $3 Nice and Easy SCR, $2 Zegerid SCR, and TMF Zegerid

2nd Rite Aid
mousepad 11.69 (used freebie vv coupon - took off 12.99)
4 cans Alpo dog food 1.25 each
everlast e-drenaline 5.39 (used 10/1)
2 Kotex 3.50 each (used 2/2 and 2 1/1 vv)
Huggies 8.99 w/ raincheck (used 3/1 and 1/1 vv)
Motrin 3.00 (used 2/1)
subtotal: 3.08
total w/ tax: 3.90 on gift card, received 3 +up Motrin and will submit for $3 Kotex SCR

Can't wait until I get to the 20% off Wellness level!!!

Herbal essence shampoo 2.99 (used 1/1)
2 Gillette body wash 4.49 (used BOGO)
used 6 RR
subtotal: .48
total w/ tax: 1.44 on gift card, received 2 RR Herbal essence, 4.50 RR Gillette

On to Shoprite to finish the spend $125 get $50 off next purchase deal...  I started the other day w/ some Kraft freebie coupons and got the $5 off my next purchase.

Transaction 1:
2 Old el paso soft shells 2.49 each (used .60/2 doubled)
2 Old el paso beans 1.50 each (.60/2 doubled)
2 Old el paso rice packets 1.49 each (used .60/2 doubled)
3 Old el paso seasoning packets (used 3 peelies for buy 2 Old el paso products, get a seasoning packet free)
2 gerber graduate snacks 2.19 each (thought these were labeled 2 for $4 but maybe they already posted the Sunday sales??)
2 Al Fresco breakfast sausages 3.49 each (used 2 2/1 - I messed up here... this great coupon will give .50 overage when the items go on sale, starting Sunday... oops.  Wonder if I bring them back, Shoprite will do a price adjust?)
used $5 coupon fron Kraft deal
total: 9.62, received $20 coupon from Kraft deal

transaction 2:
4 Cheerios 2.49 each (used 1/1 peelies)
feline pine cat litter 4.99 (used 1.50/1)
Kraft homestyle mac and cheese 2.99 (used freebie coupon)
Maxwell house coffee 2.49 (used 1/1)
Shoprite spring water 3 pk 2.99 (uh oh - just realized I was charged for 2!  It always pays to check your receipts.  Now I definitely am going to go back and get my 2.99 refunded that I was overcharged.)
4 Lunchables 2 reduced to 1.30 each, other 2 were 2.59 (used 2 1/2 peelies)
3 Oscar meyer delifresh chicken 3.50 each (used 1 1/2)
Turkey hill ice cream 1.99 (used .75/1)
2 skinny cow ice cream cups 1.00 each (used 2 1/1)
12 pk rolls 1.99
used $20 coupon from kraft deal
total: 16.06 on cc, received $2 from OM delifresh, should get 2.99 refunded for overcharged water

transaction 3:
4 cheerios 2.49 each (used 4 1/1 peelies)
total: 5.96 on cc, received $25 coupon for Kraft deal

*I could have definitely done different scenarios with the Kraft deal to spend less money out of pocket, but I only wanted to buy items that my family will definitely eat.  I'm pretty happy with how it went.

Friday, June 25, 2010

.40 OPP at Rite Aid

OK, here's my awesome $0.40 OPP RA trip:

Finish Quantumatic Detergent Dispenser System 5.49 (used 3/1 and 4/1 vv)
Mega pack huggies clearance 8.99 (used 3/1 and 1/1 vv)
2 friskies cat food pouches .89 each
Motrin PM 3.00 (used 2/1)
mousepad 11.69 (used freebie vv coupon that took off 12.99)
use 5/20
subtotal: -.04
total w/ tax: .40 on a gift card, received $3 Motrin +up

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CVS Meeting All My Needs

A little over a year ago, I never used to go to CVS.  Occasionally I'd stop in for something like hair dye or makeup.  But now using Extra Care Bucks, I manage to pick up all kinds of random things that we need like dog food and dish washing detergent...Even when these things aren't on sale at CVS, it's better to use ECB than real money, right??  I'm jealous of the couponers with awesome stockpiles who NEVER need to buy anything when it's not free or almost-free, but I'm not there yet.  Hopefully one day!

Transaction 1:
1 roll of tape - clearance .62
Maxwell House decaf coffee 3.00
2 Colgate 2.99 each (used 2 1/1)
3 powerbars .99 each
used 6.99 ECB
subtotal: 3.58
total with tax: 4.11 on gift card, received 2.97 ECB from powerbars, 4 ECB from colgate

Transaction 2:
2 cascade 2.99 each
2 alpo dog food cans 1.19 each
stamps 8.80
used 16 ECB
subtotal: 1.16
total with tax: 1.83 (1.46 on gift card, .37 in coins) / None of these things were a great deal, but I had ECB expiring today and used them for things I am always in need of.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Free Father's Day Gift But Still Messing Up at Wags

First, a great Rite Aid trip...
Mousepad 11.69 (used freebie VV coupon, took off 12.99!)
Huggies jumbo pack 8.99 (used 3/1 from and 1/1 vv)
trial pack of Tugaboos .89 (used 1/1 found inside trial pack)
Ivory soap 3 pk .99 (used 1/1 from Rouge coupons mailed to me)
Herbal Essence shampoo 2.49 (used 1/1)
used 5/25
subtotal: .06
total with tax: .47 on gift card, received 1 +Up for Huggies, and will submit for 1.50 SCR (Herbal Essence).  This will also count toward buy 5 get 1 Huggies

Now my not so great Walgreens trip...
Nivea bodywash 5.99 (used 3/1)
2 Reach total care toothbrushes 4.79 each (used BOGO and in-ad 3/1 coupon)*
Nestle crunch bar .39
used 2.50 RR
subtotal 2.67
total with tax: 3.72 on gift card, received 6RR for Nivea

I expected the in-ad coupon to take off $6 automatically, but it only took off 3.  I think this happened because I believe the cashier scanned the RR before the in-ad coupon, which brought my subtotal below $6.  Oops.  Still learning all the ins and outs of Walgreens.  Maybe I'll try this transaction again tomorrow and try to redeem myself.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Convincing My Husband and Dad to Start Using Bodywash!

I've got so much men's body wash piling up, I'm glad it's finally being used!

Simple CVS trip today:

1 box CVS tissues (used 1/1 allergy CRT)
2 Gillette Bodywash 4.00 each (used 4/2 coupon)
used 4 ECB
subtotal: .00
total with tax: .65 on cvs gift card, received 8 ECB

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cleared Out Walgreens=Free Dog Food

The Walgreens I went to had NONE of the items I was hoping to snag.  So I used my expiring register rewards to buy something useful - dog food.  Nothing exciting about this transaction, but it saves me a trip to Petsmart:

5 cans of dog food .99 each
used 2.50 RR and 2.00 RR
subtotal: .45
total on gift card: .85

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting Free Kraft Products at Shoprite

I got 6 freebie coupons from Kraft First Taste program that I used today.  I'm going to send this receipt in to finish up the spend $30 get $10 Kraft rebate.  Also, starting today at Shoprite, all Kraft, General Mills, and Unilever items are part of a catalina.

Sorry - no pic.  Was in a rush to get everything put away...

cheerios 2.49 (used 1/1 peelie)
3 shoprite spring water jugs .89 each
campbells soup 2.00
kool aid fizzing drink things?!  1.99 (used freebie coupon)
4 gerber organic baby food 1.59 each (used .75/4)
SR green beans .99
2 marcal toilet paper. 95 each (2 2/1)
2 friskies cat food .52 each
hefty garbage bags 2.24
uncle ben's spanish rice 1.99 (used 1/1)
2 rinaldi sauce 1.00 each
ritz crackerfuls 2.99 (used freebie coupon)
land o lakes buttery spread .99 (used .55 doubled )
10 breyers yogurt 10 for 3.90 (used 1/1)
coffeemate 1.24 (used .75 doubled)
oscar meyers delifresh chicken 3.50 (used freebie coupon)
kraft 100 cal cheese bites 2.99 (freebie coupon)
digiorno single deep dish pizza 3.59 (used freebie coupon)
12 pk kaiser rolls 1.99
used 2.00 yourbucks catalina
got .30 off for using canvas bags
tax: .79
total: 21.64 on cc
will submit along with last week's receipt for buy $30 get $10 from Kraft

Monday, June 7, 2010

Starting the RiteAid Skincare SCR

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed by the RiteAid skincare SCR because of all the options.  Not sure yet how I'll finish it up yet, but at least this is a start...

Aveeno Ageless Vitality 34.99 (used 5/1 in-ad and 5/1 manufacturers)
Everlast e-drenaline 5.99 (used 10/1)
Tugaboo trial pack .89 (used 1/1)
2 Physicians Formula Bronzers BOGO 12.95 (used 2 5/1 RA and 2 5/1 peelies)
used 5/25
subtotal: 8.82
with tax: 12.30 on cc, will submit for $20 Aveeno rebate and now I have about $35 toward skincare SCR

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last Minute Deals and $3 Dinner Out

Some hits and misses yesterday afternoon...  I hate to post after most of these deals have already ended, but sometimes it's hard to fit everything in.  I don't know how all you supermoms out there do it, juggling kids, jobs, couponing, etc, etc...  I try to post on the blog after the kids go to sleep, but sometime in the middle of reading one of the Magic Tree House books to my kids last night, my eyes shut and didn't wake up until the morning....

1 Kotex 3.49 (used 1/1)
2 Reeses minis 2 for $5*
used 5RR and 2 RR
subtotal:  49
total with tax: 1.17 paid with cash, received 2.50 RR for Kotex and coupon for free Always

*There was a sign by the Reeses that said if you buy 2 for $5 you get $5 register rewards.  I believe this was a mistake because the ad said you had to buy $10 worth.  I gave it a shot and the RR didn't print.  I showed the cashier the sign and she tried to tell me the RR didn't print because I paid with RR.  I hate having to explain how the RR program works to the employees!  I just got a refund, in cash, of 5.40 and returned the candy.

Rite Aid 1
Style science sunglasses 9.99 (used 10/1 vv)
trial pack of tugaboos diapers .89 (used 1/1 in each package)
1 jumbo pack of huggies 8.99 (used 3/1 and 1/1 vv)
1 can Alpo 1.39
used 5/25
subtotal: 1.26
total with tax: 2.17 on gift card, will submit for $2 Huggies SCR, and after next pair of sunglasses $10 SCR

Rite Aid 2
2 pairs of Style Science sunglasses 9.99 each (used 2 10/1 vv)
wet ones 3.29
Pssssst dry shampoo 3.49
used 5/25
subtotal: 1.76
total with tax: 3.50, will get $10 back for buying sunglasses (I only needed one more, but I couldn't find anything else I wanted or had coupons for, so free sunglassses are fine with me!) and 3.49 for Psssst with Try Me Free label

Uncle Ben's Rice 1.59 (used 2.50/1 coupon I got for complimenting the company!)
Listerine 5.34 (used 2/1)
subtotal: 2.43
total with tax: 2.86 on gift card, will submit for $10 Listerine rebate

2 100 cal snacks 2.50 each (used 2 1/1)
capri sun 2.19
3 Kraft easy mac 1.99 each (used 3 freebie coupons)
3 Marcal toilet paper (used 3 freebie coupons)
2 Melitta coffee 2.99 each
6 Alpo 5 for $4 (used 1/1)
2 spaghettios .99 each
SR wheat bread 1.49
3 al fresco sausage 1.49 each (used 3 2/1 coupons=overage)
oranges 1.29
Baileys creamer 2.99 (used freebie coupon)
2 yoplait .69 each
1 yo crunch .50
2 100 cal. cheese 2.29 each (used 2 freebie coupons)
pizza dough 1.79
used $3 catalina
.15 canvas bag refund
total: 20.24 on credit card, received $2 catalina for signing up at; will use all of kraft items purchased toward Kraft rebate Buy $30, get $10 (received in the mail)

Today we had a Red Robin dinner that turned out to only cost $3 for a $40 meal!  A few months ago, I was disappointed in our experience at the restaurant and decided to email the company and politely complain.  They sent me back 2 free entrees.  My dad had a Red Robin gift card he got from credit card points.  So after both of these, we got a really cheap, big dinner!  It pays to compliment or complain!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Future's So Bright...

Yup, more sunglasses.  Here's my Rite Aid trip today:
1 Style Science sunglasses 9.99 (used 10/1 vv)
1 Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Mascara 10.95 (used 4/1 peelie and 5/1 RA)
1 pack Everlast supplements 5.99 (used 10/1)
milk 2.29
1 pack stayfree 1.99 (used 2/1)
1 box sugar 1.99
3 cans of alpo 1.39 each
1 sample pack Tugaboos diapers .89 (used 1/1 found in each trial pack)
1 blow pop .88
used 5/25
subtotal: 2.14
total with tax: 4.02 on gift card and I will get 10.95 for Physician's Formula Try Me Free rebate, and $10 SCR for buying 2 sunglasses

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting Greedy

I ran into CVS to check on the prices of Huggies Mega packs.  They are at varying clearance prices.  The ones at the store I went to were marked 11.99, I think, but scanned at 8.99.  But I heard that other people have now found them for $4.49.  So I'm holding out.  Hopefully they'll continue to be reduced in my region.

On to Rite Aid...
1 can of alpo 1.39 (horrible price, but the dog's gotta eat and I needed a filler to get to $20)
1 style science sunglasses 9.99 (used 10/1 vv)
1 huggies 8.99 (used 3/1 and 1/1 vv)
used 5/20
subtotal: 1.37
total with tax: 2.26 on gift card, will receive $2 Huggies SCR, and once I do this deal again, I'll get $10 sunglasses SCR