Saturday, March 30, 2013

What I Did Today to Save Money

  • We had a fun free morning at the local Easter egg hunt.  We spent some time outside enjoying the nice weather.  We even found a sickly looking turtle and happened to meet someone whose mother is an animal rehabilitation expert.  She put the turtle right into her daughter's Easter basket to bring home to her mom!  Hopefully she can help it.
  • We stopped by the library to pick up some free DVD's and books.
  • I returned a pair of pants to JC Penny that didn't fit quite right.  I then bought another pair of pants and  a shirt using the 10/25 coupon I was emailed.  My total was $16.  Not bad.
  • Tried to not use any unnecessary electricity.
  • Decluttered the basement, filling two boxes of books that will be donated.
What did you do today to save some money?

Shoprite Trip

It was a madhouse at Shoprite this afternoon as everyone scrambled to buy Easter items!

4 SR spring water jugs .79 each = 3.16
Langer juice 2.00
SR OJ 1.99
4 Adirondack Seltzer .40 each=1.60
Sunkist 1.50 - 1.25 super coupon = .25
2 Treasure Cave feta cheese 2.50 each - 2 .40 doubled=3.40
organic milk 5.99
SR toasted oats 1.99
Mrs. Fields ice cream cookie sandwiches 1.99
Nature's Bounty Evening Primrose Oil 4.84
3 Cottonelle wipes 1.99 each - 3 1/1 - 2.97
frozen turkey 20.68-20.68 (free holiday item)
SR slider bags 1.49-1.00 SR coupon-.49
Kraft EZ mac 1.19 - 1.19 SR ecoupon =free
French's dijon mustard 1.99 - .90 doubled=.19
SR olives .77
bananas 1.27
Knorr veggie dip mix .53-.28=.25
organic apples 2.20
organic apple juice 3.99
2 SR diapers 5.99=11.98
total: $51.32
-.25 bag refund
-1.20 bottle refund
total $49.87, received $3 cottonelle catalina
will submit for $6 from Endorse (50% off diapers) and .50 from Ibotta for the mustard

Not an amazing trip by any means, but I purchased a bunch of produce and organic items.  All that definitely adds up!

Free Week Trial of Hulu Plus

I haven't tried Hulu Plus before, but I just saw this freebie and I thought I'd share...  It's a one week free trial, so you need to remember to cancel so you don't get charged after the free week ends.

Here's the link.

Thanks Coupons and Freebies Mom

Friday, March 29, 2013

What I Did Today to Save Money...

Well, not much.  We splurged and went to see Oz, but at least we paid matinee prices.

Tried hard to shut off all the lights left on in empty rooms.

Ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the stockpile.

Enjoyed free books borrowed from the library.

What did you do today to save money?

Free Redbox DVD Rental Code

Here's a code, good through 5/8/13 for a free Redbox DVD rental.

I think I may use the code to get a free DVD for Easter afternoon with the family.

Make $1.25 at CVS Next Week!

Next week at CVS, starting on March 31st, the Red Coupon Machine will  be giving a $4.99 instant coupon for Clear Shampoo.  The shampoo costs $4.99, so free after coupon.  But even better, if you have the Ibotta app on your phone, you can earn an additional $1.25 for buying Clear Men's Scalp Therapy 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner.  Every little bit helps, right?

Good Deal Next Week on Pampers Easy-Ups at Rite Aid

Starting Sunday, March 31st, there's a decent deal on Pampers Easy-Ups at Rite Aid...
Buy 4 Pampers Easy-Ups Jumbo Packs (2 for $17.50)
Use 4 $2/1 coupons here 
Total: $27, get $10 up reward wyb $30 worth
If you don't have 2 computers to print 4 coupons, you could use the other coupons at above link, such as $1.50 off Pampers Swaddlers, Cruisers, or Baby Dry.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Warning on Babies R Us/Toys R Us Diaper Deal

Just got back from a different Toys R Us to try this deal and it was a big failure.  After three different managers/supervisors were called over to try to figure it out, I was told I can't use both the coupons and get the $10 instant savings.  I decided to just bail on the deal.  I could have just bought the $10 diaper box and used the $6 off coupon, but at this point I was a little disgruntled so I just left.  Whatever happened to "The Customer is Always Right?!"

So beware if trying this deal that its success will depend on the manager on duty.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rite Aid Diaper Trip

My attempt at doing this diaper deal at Toys R Us/ Babies R Us was unsuccessful, as my store was out of the $10 boxes of diapers.  I'm going to have my dad check out the store near him tomorrow...

So I moved on to next best... Rite Aid's Tugaboo deal.
Here's how I did...

Transaction 1:
L'Oreal Advanced Haircare Shampoo 3.99 (gold price)(used 2/1 from 2/17RP and 2/1 RA coupon from mailer)=free
Schick Hydro 5 Mens Disposable Razor 8.79 (gold price)(used 4/1 2/24SS and 4/1 in ad)=.79
2 Tugaboo diapers B1G150%off 8.99 and 4.49=13.48
Paid with 13 ups and 2.56 including tax
Received 5 ups from Tugaboos

Transaction 2:

Schick Hydro 5 Mens Disposable Razor 8.79 (gold price)(used 4/1 2/24SS and 4/1 in ad)=.79
2 Tugaboo diapers B1G150%off 8.99 and 4.49=13.48
Paid with 13.98 in ups and 1.53 including tax
Received 5 ups from Tugaboos

Transaction 3:
Schick Hydro 5 Womens Razor 9.59 (gold price)(I didn't have any more men's coupons so this was a little bit more)(used 4/1 2/24SS and 4/1 in ad)=1.59
Viva paper towels=6.97 sale price (needed paper towels and had ups expiring today)
2 Reach Floss 1.59 each (used 1/2 IP at
Paid with 10 ups and 2.32 including tax
Received 10 ups from buying the razors (spend $25 get $10 deal) and 1 catalina from Reach.

The razor deal turned into a $6.83 money maker, but that's not figuring tax.  Still a good deal.

Transaction 4 on different card... this one is only silver
4 Tugaboo diapers B1G150%off 8.99 and 4.49=13.48+13.48=26.96
Goldfish box 1.00 (used .50 peelie)
Paid with 10 ups and 1 catalina from last transaction and 6.70
Received 10 ups from Tugaboos

Not the best deal ever, but stocked up on diapers for a while and got rid of all the ups expiring today.  The saddest part was I believe I saw a woman a few people ahead of me in line buying just 1 pack of Tugaboos. Missing out on a decent diaper deal :(

Clothing Deal at Babies R Us / Toys R Us

The Buy 1 Get 1 sale on clothes at Babies R Us/ Toys R Us is working on clearance items.  In fact, the clearance racks themselves were labeled with this sign...

I didn't buy anything, but there seemed to be some good deals if you need clothes.  We are trying to make use of hand me downs.  I'm also trying to buy large so we have many years of use out of the clothes we do buy.

Printable Diaper Coupons

Here are some printable diaper coupons available right now.  Print before the end of the month or they may be gone.  Click on the Baby and Toddler label.

50 cents off Pampers Wipes 60 ct or more
$1.50 off Pampers Baby Dry
$2.00 off Pull-Ups Training Pants
$2.00 off Pampers Easy Ups Trainers

New Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes

Click here to add a few additional points to your Pampers Gifts to Grow account.

10 points for this code: SPRING2013MARCH

5 points for this code: LEAPTOSPRING313

Both expire 4/7 so don't wait!

Free Sample of Pull Ups Training Pants

When it comes to diapers, every free one counts, right?

Click here for a free sample of Pull Ups Training Pants

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Free Kraft EZ Mac Cup at Shoprite

Shoprite shoppers...  Go to this link and enter your price plus card number for a free Kraft EZ Mac Cup.  Last week I got a free Reeces candy and the previous week I got a free Coke.  It's their Munch Mania promotion.

Diaper Deal at Babies R US

I haven't tried this deal yet, but if your BabiesRUs has their brand of diapers on sale for $10, here's what you can do:

Buy 1 box of BabiesRUs diapers (72 count or greater) $10
Buy 1 box of BabiesRUs wipes (432 count) $9.99
total: $19.99
$10 instant savings for buying diapers and wipes
total: $9.99

Then...  (here's the fun part)
Look in the diaper box for coupons...
Repeat deal using said coupons!

Buy 1 box of BabiesRUs diapers (72 count or greater) $10
Buy 1 box of BabiesRUs wipes (432 count) $9.99
total: $19.99
$10 instant savings for buying diapers and wipes
Use $6 coupon on BabiesRUs diapers
Use $2 coupon on BabiesRUs wipes
Total: $1.99 for both!

I bought these diapers a while back so I have to go searching now to see if I have the coupons stashed somewhere...  Gotta get my coupons organized!

Free Children's Books!

Dolly Parton has a program called The Imagination Library, which provides free books to children.  Unfortunately, it's not available in my area.  But here's the link so you can check it out and possibly receive free books for your children:

Cheap Diapers at Rite Aid

Pick up some cheap Tugaboo (Rite Aid brand) diapers this week.  The jumbo packs are Buy 1 Get One 50% off and if you buy 2, you get a $5 up reward

Buy 2 jumbo Tugaboo packs.
Pay 13.48 total
Get $5 in up rewards wyb 2.
(the limit is 2)

This becomes a much better deal if you received a bonus $5 up reward from Rite Aid in your email box.  The title of the email is:

$5 +UP Reward Just for You - Limited Time Only!

And while you are at Rite Aid, pick up your free pony tail holders...

Scrunci brand 1.99 each (limit 2)
receive $1.99 up reward

See any other great Rite Aid deals this week?  I have to come up with a few because I have a ton of up rewards expiring tomorrow.