Monday, May 31, 2010

My Husband Thinks I'm Becoming a Hoarder!

I love those shows about extreme hoarders.  I think it's so fascinating, maybe because I do have some small hoarding tendencies.  I love looking at the packed shelves in my bathroom, full of stuff I didn't pay for!

In other news, I can't believe 2 of my picks went home on the Bachelorette tonight!

6 Olay Toners 2.99 each (used 3 2/1 and 2 1/1 - I had 3 1/1 but I guess one didn't scan)
1 Uncle Ben's rice 1.59 (used 2.50/1 = overage)
1 Purina cat food 3.99 (used 2/1)

subtotal: 11.02
total with tax: 11.57 on cc, received $15 in Target gift cards for the Olay (buy 2 get $5 gc)

Walgreens Trans. 1
3 Neutrogena soaps - 2 of them were 2.69 each and 3.19 for the acne soap (they didn't have any more of the regular ones)

Used 8 RR
subtotal: .57
total with tax: 1.26 on gc, received 10 RR

Walgreens Trans. 2
 Kotex  3.49 (used 1/1)
Luster toothpaste 5.00
A-Z vitamins 2.00
Ecotrin 2.00 (used 2/1)
Cortaid 3.00 (used 1/1)

Used 10 RR
subtotal: 1.49
total with tax: 2.17 on gc, received 2.50 RR (Kotex), 5 RR (Luster), 2 RR (A-Z), 2 RR (Ecotin), and a rebate form to get 3.00 back on Cortaid.  I also got a coupon for a free Always Ultra or Maxi Pad up to 16 ct (for buying Kotex)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What Should I Have Done Differently at Rite Aid Today?

I'll post the pic and details later, but I needed to get some Primatine Mist for my husband and thought I would try to get it as cheap as possible at Rite Aid.  I tried to get overage buying the Physicians Formula Bamboo Compact, using a $5 RA Physicians Formula coupon, and a $5 peelie.  I also used a 5/20 RA coupon.  I thought everything went through, I paid, and then discovered that only one of the $5 Physicians Formula coupons was on the receipt.  I think the RA one wasn't but the cashier never said anything about them not working and put both in the register.  I went back to ask, and by now the cashiers had changed.  This cashier told me that I couldn't use both because they are more than the cost of the item.  She said she couldn't adjust it down.  I asked to return it, and she said she could only give me $1.95 back, the cost after the coupon.  So I decided to just keep it and still do the rebate, so I'll get the 6.95 back.  What do you think happened?  Do you think this would have given me overage but the cashier didn't scan one coupon correctly and didn't notice?  I know that RA doesn't officially give overage, but I have gotten overage on things before.

Huggies Mega Packs 50% Off at CVS!?!?!

People are reporting finding Huggies Mega Packs (normally 17.99) on sale at CVS for 8.99.  Combined with a 3/1 coupon, and of course any CVS coupons you may have, that's a great deal!  I'm going to try to swing by my CVS today or tomorrow to check it out.

Also, the CVS Ultra Thin diapers may be on sale for $4.74.  There's a 2 ECB for buying CVS diapers so that's only 2.74 for a pack.  Limit is one.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Check Your Receipts!!

At Shoprite today, I thought I did pretty well.  I estimated my total to be somewhere around $20.  When the cashier said $43.48, I actually felt embarrassed by such a high total.  I'm sure $43 was a low total for most shoppers on a Saturday afternoon, but I had counted on all this overage.  I even added in a few items I need because I was doing so well.  So what happened?  As I slowly walked to my car examining the receipt, I realized that my Price Plus card didn't scan.  The cashier handed it back to me so I assumed he scanned it, but I guess not.  Customer service refunded me $26.66, bringing my actual total to $16.82.  Plus, I got a $3 catalina for buying Breyers I will also submit for 2.99 yogurt rebate.  However, since all the prices on my receipt don't reflect the Price Plus savings, I'm just going to list what I got without each item's price.

Gerber yogurt (will submit for Try Me Free / peelie on item)
Gerber graduates spaghetti rings (my kid is a very picky eater, unfortunately)
4 Alpo dog food (used 1/4 coupon)
2 Marcal toilet paper (used 2 freebie coupons)
3 SR spring water
SR amish pretzels
lansinoh nursing pads
Simply Smart milk (freebie coupon)
2 Breyers ice cream pops/sandwiches (freebie coupons)
1 Breyers ice cream (1/1 coupon)
12 Bordens cheese slices (used 12 1/1 coupons = overage on each of .12)
1 tomato
1 watermelon (not pictured - for my dad)
1 pkg smart dogs
6 al fresco chicken sausages (used 6 2/1 coupons and got about .50 overage on each!)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Trial Sizes and Tribulations

OK, sorry about that title.  It's pretty bad.  I have to get better at thinking up creative titles to blog posts.  Ventured out to Target after a week of no shopping.  I usually go on Fridays because that's when my favorite coupon-friendly cashier is working.  He even gives my kids Target stickers!  Is it weird if I ask him for his schedule so I make sure never to shop when he's not there?  Probably not a good idea - there are stalker laws, after all!

2 Satin Care  .99 each (used 2 1/1=overage)
2 Bic pens .99 each (used 2 1/1=overage)
3 Tide .97 each (used 3 1/1=overage)
Gerber wagon wheels 2.19 (helper bribe)
York peppermint patties 3.99 (my mom asked me to buy them for her)
Kit Kat .67 (more bribes)
Butterfinger .67 (freebie coupon)
Market Pantry oatmeal 1.94 (for mom also)
3 Olay bar soap .97 (used 3 1/1=overage)
Venus 4.24 (used 3/1)
Venus 5.99 (used 3/1)
Bandaids 1.82 (see notes below)
4 Visine 1.99 each (used 2 5/2=overage)
2 Renu 1.44 each (used 2 2/1=overage)
5 Pepsi 12 packs 4.00 each (used 2/4)
Also .60 deposit for each 12 pack.

subtotal: 27.41
total: 30.23 (8.61 on gc, 21.62 on cc)  Received $5 gc.

A few notes...  I thought all Targets had Pepsi on sale for 5 for $15 but at mine it was 5 for $20.  I didn't realize until after I got home.  Probably wouldn't have done this deal if I had realized.  I could only find one Venus at a clearance price but since I had 3/1 coupons, I did the deal to get a gift card anyway.  The cashier couldn't get the gift card coupon to scan so he just took $5 off my total.  I've been realizing lately how much I would save if I just stuck to a list, but it's hard shopping with kids!!  The Bandaids I was guilted into buying because I had a bunch of 1/1 Nexcare coupons, but I couldn't find them in the travel section anymore.  I had promised Bandaids so I ended up buying them with no coupon.  The shame!!

In diaper deal news...
  • The Huggies coupons keep on coming!  There's a new 2.50/1 Huggies coupon at and some diaper and wipes coupons at that are manufacturer coupons.  There's also a wipes coupon at  Try reprinting the facebook Huggies coupon - it may have reset.
  •  If you didn't get to buy all 5 Huggies at Rite Aid for the Buy 5 Get One Free SCR, check your rebate status anyway because some people were reporting that this deal was clearing after only 3 or 4 Huggies were purchased. 
  •  Starting Sunday, the best diaper deals appear to be Rite Aid and CVS.  CVS Brand diapers are 5.99 and you get back 2 ECB.  I haven't tried these diapers but I've heard some poor reviews so I'm going to skip this one.  Rite Aid has Huggies jumbos for 8.99, and you can use one of the many 3/1 available combined with a 1/1 VV coupon at  Then submit for a $2 SCR.  This would make the diapers 2.99.  However, I'm going to try to get overage using this Physicians Formula Rite Aid coupon combined with a manufacturers coupon to make the diapers (and the makeup) free.  There are manufacturer coupons in 3 inserts: 2/28 SS (expires 5/31), 3/21 SS, and 4/18 SS. Also, there are usually peelie coupons right on some of the products.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Counting Down to Lost Finale... and Some Great Deals!

Anyone else excited about the 2 and a half hour Lost finale tomorrow??  I can't wait.  To take my mind off all the anticipation... I went shopping.

Rite Aid transaction 1

3 Huggies 8.99 (used 3 3/1 and 2 1/1 VV)
2 Nature's Bounty 5.49 BOGO (used 1 5/1, 1 3/1, and 2 1/1 VV)
milk 2.29
trial pack of Tugaboos .89
Everlast supplement 5.99 (used 10/1)
also, used 5/20 VV
subtotal: 2.63
total: 3.74 on gift card

My total would have been less than the cost of just the milk, but I grabbed the Tugaboos trial pack when I was waiting in line.  It cost .89 (with wellness card) for 2 diapers, which is a horrible deal considering I've been getting jumbo packs for basically free.  The reason I got it is because I heard it contains a 1/1 Tugaboos coupon, which is does.  I also heard you can roll this, so each time I go to Rite Aid, I'm going to get another trial pack for free after coupon.  Every little bit helps, right?  Now I've finished out the SCR for Buy 5 Huggies, Get 1 Free.

Rite Aid transaction 2:

8 Huggies wipes 2 for $5 (used 4 2/2)
2 Nature's Bounty 6.49 (used 2 3/1 and 2 1/1 - I'm all out of $5 coupons and these were the cheapest vitamins left in stock... Still, I got a little overage.)
Everlast energy supplement 5.99 (used 10/1)
also used 5/20 VV
subtotal: 1.48
total: 2.68 on gift card

CVS transaction 1:

2 Aussie shampoo 2.99 each (used 2 2/1)
2 Gillette shampoo/body wash 4.00 each (used 4/2)
4 Sobe 1.69 BOGO (used 2 BOGO)
2 CVS pocket tissues 2 for .99 (used 1/2 CRT paper products)
1 CVS jumbo makeup wedges .99 (used 1/1 CRT facial products)
also used 4.99 and 2.00 ECB
subtotal: -1.03
total: .36 on gift card, received 4 ECB (Aussie) and 8 ECB (Gillette)

CVS transaction 2: (this was a joint transaction with my stuff and my dad's stuff)
1 Toy Story Bandaids (my dad can't say no to his grandchild!) 2.50
1 box of cookies 2.44 (my dad can't say no to his sweet-tooth!) (not pictured)
2 Gillette body washes 4.00 each (used 4/1 but for some reason the receipt says 4.99?!)
2 CVS pocket tissues 2 for .99 (used 1/2 CRT paper products)

1 CVS jumbo makeup wedges .99 (used 1/1 CRT facial products)
also used 5 ECB
subtotal: 2.93
total: 3.62 paid by my dad because I contributed the ECB, received 8 ECB for Gillette


That picture is horrible.  I guess I'm not good at making artistic designs with my purchases!

2 Solo cups 1.99 each (used 2 .75/1 doubled)
1 Solo bowls 1.99 (used .75/1 doubled)
1 Solo plates 1.99 (used .75/1 doubled)
6 Gerber 2nd Organics 1.49 each (used 1/6 *so expensive but did you see the new study linking pesticides to ADHD??)
Cheerios 3.59 (used 1/1 *horrible price but we finally ran out!)
4 SR spring water .89 each
2 Ronzoni pasta 1.67 each (used 2 .75/1 doubled)
2 Jack Daniels BBQ sauce 1.50 each (used 2 .75/1 doubled=free *actually, just noticed that one of the coupons rang up .50 instead of .75 and didn't double???)
Heinz relish .99 (used .75/1 doubled=overage)
SR paper towels 2.99
Tasters Choice Instant Coffee .99 (*only bought this because I had a free item coupon but the coupon isn't on my receipt, so I'll probably bring it back.  It's only .99 but I hate when coupons are missed.)
SR seltzer .99
SR Amish pretzels 1.00
SR wheat bread 1.69
bananas .43
oranges 1.35
apples 1.97
4 Breyers 4.29 each (used 4 freebie coupons)
1 Marcal toilet paper (used freebie coupon)
also used 5/50 and got .40 for using 8 bags
total: $24.00 and got $4 catalina for Solo stuff

OK, now I can get back to anticipating Lost!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lovin' the Rite Aid Diaper Deals

Finally made it to Rite Aid for Part 1 of the diaper deals.  I was so happy to see the Huggies VV coupon appear today, so I'm glad I dragged my feet this week and do the deal earlier.  Also, a big thank you to Joelle for letting me know about a Nature's Bounty VV I overlooked from last month!  So here's what I did today:

2 Huggies 8.99 each
2 Nature's Bounty 5.49 BOGO
1 Popcorn .99 (helper bribe - I would save so much more if I wasn't such a pushover!)

5/20 VV
2 3/1 Huggies
2 1/1 Huggies VV
5/1 Nature's Bounty
3/1 Nature's Bounty
2 1/1 Nature's Bounty VV

subtotal: 1.46
total: 2.18 on cc

I will submit for Buy 5 Get 1 Free Huggies SCR after I buy 3 more packs tomorrow.

In other diaper news...
  • One of the Huggies coupons on reset for me, so I was able to print 2 more!
  • I heard that some Rite Aids have trial size Tugaboos, the RA brand diapers, for 99 cents.  Plus, they include a $1 coupon, which someone rolled successfully for more trial size packs= FREE DIAPERS!
Plan for Saturday:
RA for diapers, wipes, and milk
CVS for free razors and paper towels

Rite Aid Huggies VV Coupon Now Online!

The elusive Video Values Rite Aid Huggies coupon is now available!!  Combine with the 3/1 coupons and the Buy 5 Get One Free for great diaper deals at Rite Aid this week!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

11.99 Rite Aid Rewards for Buying Diapers!!!!

Some Rite Aid test markets have a sign posted by the Huggies diapers that if you buy 3 you will get 11.99 in Wellness +Up rewards, which print at the bottom of your receipt. This is an amazing deal combined with all the 3/1 Huggies coupons!  I checked out one of my Rite Aids yesterday and didn't see the sign.  So it looks like I don't get the extra great deal.

I didn't end up buying anything at Rite Aid when I went looking for this deal yesterday because I should get a $25 Rite Aid gift card in the mail hopefully today and didn't want to spend any money out of pocket.  Can't wait to get my Huggies!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Plan for Almost-Free Diapers at Rite Aid!

Ok, well YMMV on this deal.  But Nature's Bounty vitamins are BOGO again this week at Rite Aid.  So here's my updated plan to get almost-free diapers!

Deal idea (if the Huggies VV coupon comes out - has anyone heard anything about it?):
Trans 1:
Buy 3 Huggies jumbos 8.99 each
Buy 4 Nature's Bounty vitamins 5.49 BOGO
Use 3 1/1 VV
Use 3 3/1 manu. coupons
Use 4 $5/1 Nature's Bounty coupons (for 9.02 in overage!)
Use 5/25 RA coupon
Total: $0.95!

Trans 2:
Buy 2 Huggies jumbos 8.99 each
Buy 2 Nature's Bounty 5.49 BOGO
Use 2 1/1 VV
Use 2 3/1 manu. coupons
Use 2 $5/1 Nature's Bounty (4.51 overage)
Use 5/20 VV coupon
Total: $0.47!

Submit for free jumbo pack SCR. Total OPP = 1.42 for 6 packs of diapers!  If the VV Huggies coupon never makes its appearance, then you can buy cheaper Nature's Bounty for more overage.  I will hopefully make it to Rite Aid tomorrow to try this out.  Wish me luck!

One last thing... my mom got a .50/1 Pampers coupon in the mail.  Doesn't that seem so pathetic compared to the high value 3.00 coupons that Huggies has been so generous with lately??  Pampers better step it up!  Especially with all the bad reviews of their Dry Max.  Speaking of which, has anyone tried these?  I put one on my child and noticed some small red bumps a couple hours later.  Not sure if the diapers were the cause.  I'm nervous to try them again but have 2 packages of them...  Not sure what to do.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday Shoprite Shopping

I've been debating whether or not I should post my grocery deals too, especially since sometimes I get good diaper deals at supermarkets.  Yesterday was not a diaper trip, but I think I did pretty well.  I spent 26.35 for all the items pictured above, got a $3 catalina, and will submit for $10 in Sorrento string cheese rebates (peelies on the cheese).  A little over a year ago, I used to spent around $150 each week on groceries.  Now, obviously, things have changed!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Made Money and Got Free Diapers!

Does anyone else feel like sending Nature's Bounty a thank you note??  After all, they have given me so much free stuff over the past few months!

Here's what I got today at CVS:

1st transaction (my card)
Cottenelle 4.99
Coke .88 + .05 deposit
U by Kotex 4.99
Huggies 8.49
2 Nature's Bounty 6.99 BOGO
2 Nature's Bounty 4.99 BOGO

Coupons used:
4 5/1 Nature's Bounty
3/1 Huggies
1/1 Kotex
7 ECB (3 were from doing a survey)

subtotal:  -.62
total: .51 on gift card
Got  4.99 ECB for Kotex, 2 ECB for Huggies

2nd transaction (husband's card)
U by Kotex 4.99
Huggies 8.49
2 Nature's Bounty 5.99 BOGO
2 Nature's Bounty 4.99 BOGO
2 Maxwell House Coffee 5.79 for 1, .01 for the other
CVS cotton rounds .99

3/15 CVS coupon emailed to me
4 5/1 Nature's Bounty
3/1 Huggies
1/1 Kotex
1/1 Kotex CVS
1/1 Nature's Bounty *
1 CRT CVS facial item

I also bought 6 Beneful dog food containers that were in the clearance section.  I should have scanned them but didn't because I bought a bunch in clearance a week or so ago.  They rang up 2.89 each!!  That's SO expensive for dog food!!  I knew something was wrong when my total came to 19.61!  Anyway, I paid, then figured out what happened and returned the dog food.  I was refunded 18.73 so I actually paid just  .88 on a gift card for everything!  I received 2 ECB for Huggies and 4.99 for Kotex.

*My favorite cashier was working at CVS today.  He just said "wow" when he got to my totals!  There was a 1/1 peelie on one of the Nature's Bounty bottles.  After scanning my 4 5/1 coupons, he peeled it and scanned that too!  So I got an additional $1 off.  Thank you cashier!  I wish everyone could be so coupon friendly!

Then on to Rite Aid.  After feeling annoyed that I calculated wrong and paid way too much for Rite Aid brand baby wipes, I decided to return them today.  So 6.79 back on my credit card.  Then I finished up the Benadryl double dip, finally.

Here's what I got:
2 Tresemme 3.29 each
4 Benadryl 4.99 each
2 Nature's Bounty 8.99 BOGO (could have gotten a cheaper one for more overage, but my mom actually uses this kind)

5/25 Rite Aid
2 5/1 Nature's Bounty
4 1/1 Benadryl VV
2 4/2 Benadryl
2 2/1 Tresemme RA coupons
BOGO Tresemme

subtotal: 3.24
total: 3.37

I made a mistake and handed over my 2/1 Tresemme coupons before the BOGO.  The cashier then wasn't sure if she should enter the price for the BOGO before or after the coupon.  She asked a supervisor, who didn't seem sure either, so they decided to take off the price after coupons (1.29 instead of 3.29).  Oh well.  I'm just so happy to be done buying Benadryl.  Now I should get back $45 from the RA SCR and allergy rewards.  

Friday, May 14, 2010

Coupon Christmas... and the Best Diaper Deals 5/16-5/22

It's like Coupon Christmas for those of us with kids in diapers today - thanks to Huggies. I posted this morning that there was a $3/1 coupon on Well, there are now 3 more diaper coupons available, plus some Huggies wipes coupons.

you can print:
$2/2 Huggies 64 ct. wipes
$2 off when you buy Huggies 64 ct tub of wipes and a 184 ct refill
$3/1 Huggies Little Movers or Snugglers Diapers
$3/1 Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers

Here's a link to another $3/1 Huggies Little Movers or Snugglers.
And here's a link to a $4/2 Huggies Little Movers or Snugglers.
I got a $3/15 CVS coupon emailed to me the other day. I'm going to head there tomorrow. Huggies jumbos are 8.49 and you get $2 ECB. With this 3/1 coupon, I'll pay 5.49 OPP, but I'm counting on Nature's Bounty overage, basically they'll be free! I even heard that some people are getting Huggies CVS coupons from the red coupon machine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

OK, here are the best diaper deals I've found for the week of 5/16-5/22:
Rite Aid
  • Huggies jumbos 8.99 - 1/1 VV (this VV coupon is shown in the ad but apparently can't be found on the website... call 1-800-Rite-Aid to complain and possibly get reimbursed). Use new 3/1 coupon=4.99 for a jumbo.
Buy 5 Huggies jumbos at RiteAid 4/25 through 7/24 and get a voucher for a free jumbo pack.

Deal idea (if the VV coupon comes out):
Trans 1:
Buy 3 Huggies jumbos 8.99 each
Use 3 1/1 VV
Use 3 3/1 manu. coupons
Use 5/25 RA coupon
Total: 9.97

Trans 2:
Buy 2 Huggies jumbos 8.99 each
Buy 2.02 filler
Use 2 1/1 VV
Use 2 3/1 manu. coupons
Use 5/20 VV coupon
Total: 7.00

Submit for free jumbo pack SCR. Total OPP = 16.97 for 6 packs of diapers!

  • Huggies little swimmers 6.99 - 1/1 scr
  • Other baby products: Huggies wipes 64-72 ct tubs 2/$5 (use $2/2 Huggies 64 ct. wipes) = 2 for $3


  • Get 5 RR when you buy 25 or more participating pampers, always, or tampax products

Always Fresh U/T Reg W/Wings 32ct (5.49)
Always Fresh Ultra Overnight pads 24ct (5.49)
Always Fresh Maxi Overnight W/Wings 24ct (5.49)
Always Maxi Pads W/Wings 36ct
Always Thin Ultra Regular 44ct
Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo sz1 50ct (8.99)
Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo sz6 23ct (8.99)
Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo sz5 27ct (8.99)
Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo sz4 31ct (8.99)
Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo sz3 36ct (8.99)
Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo sz6 20ct (8.99)
Pampers Cruisers Jumbo sz7 16ct (8.99)
Pampers Cruisers Dry Max Jumbo sz6 20ct (8.99)
Easy Ups Girl Jumbo sz4 26ct (8.99)
Pampers Cruiser Dry Max Jumbo sz3 31ct (8.99)
Pampers Cruiser Dry Max Jumbo sz4 27ct (8.99)
Pampers Cruiser Dry Max Jumbo sz5 23ct (8.99)
Pampers Cruiser Dry Max Jumbo sz2 42ct (8.99)
Pampers Swaddlers Newborn 36ct (8.99)
Easy Ups Jumbo Boy sz4 26ct (8.99)
Easy Ups Boy Jumbo sz5 23ct (8.99)
Pampers Swaddlers Dry Max Jumbo sz1 40ct (8.99)
Pampers Swaddlers Dry Max Jumbo sz2 36ct (8.99)
Easy Ups Girl Jumbo sz5 23ct (8.99)
Pampers 3X Wipes Baby Fresh 216ct (6.99)
Pampers Wipes Sensitive Thick 3X 180ct (6.99)
Pampers Wipes Sensitive Mega 192ct (6.99)
Pampers 3X Wipes Natural Unscented 216ct (6.99)


  • Luvs Jumbo Pack - $6.99
  • $5 gift card when you buy 2 Huggies Big Packs - 19.99 each
Other baby deals:

  • Gerber 2 pack 2nd Foods - 10 for $9.00 / all other 2nd foods 10% off
  • Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags 50 ct 8.00
  • Pampers 180–216 ct. wipe refills 5.49
  • Huggies 184-216 ct. wipe refills 5.49
See anything I missed? Please comment to let me know!!

New $3/1 Huggies Coupon!

Go to to print a new $3/1 Huggies coupon!! This will be great to combine with next weeks sale at Rite Aid. 8.99 for Jumbo packs - 3/1 = 5.99. Plus, there's supposed to be a 1/1 Video Values coupon that's not on the Rite Aid website yet. Someone on We Use Coupons called regarding the missing VV coupon and they are sending her a $1 gift card. So if the coupon gets posted, we'll have Huggies for 4.99 a pack. If not, definitely call 1-800-RITEAID to get your gift card. Even if it is only for $1.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Really Should Bring a Calculator Along!

I made it to Walgreens and Rite Aid today. This Walgreens has only been open for a few weeks, so maybe that explains why the sales clerk knew so little about their own store. But she tried to tell me that RR's won't print if I'm paying with RR's. I explained to her that they'll print as long as the item I'm buying is from a different company. She looked totally confused, told me again that they won't print, and then looked annoyed when they DID print.

1st transaction:
EOS shaving cream 2.99
candy filler .39

3 RR

subtotal: .38
total: .65 on Walgreens gc (mother's day present from mom - THANKS!)

2nd transaction:
Schick hydro 7.99
candy filler .39

3 RR
5/1 Schick hydro

subtotal: .38
total: 1.05 on Walgreens gc

I also picked up 2 free photo collages from using the coupon code provided last week. They were supposed to be mother's day gifts for the grandmas but the photo machine was down and just got fixed.

On to Rite Aid, where I realized I really need to bring a calculator with me when I'm figuring overage. I just can't do math in my head when I'm trying to make sure my child doesn't pull down the entire wind chimes display! I bought Rite Aid wipes thinking I had more overage than I did. Oh well.

4 Benadryl 4.99 (still working toward $75 for the allergy rewards double dip... almost there!)
2 Nature's Bounty BOGO (5.49 and 4.99)
Rite Aid wipes 6.29
milk 2.29
kit kat (helper bribe) .50 (I wanted to get a free Hershey's Bliss bar but they didn't have any)

2 5/1 Nature's Bounty
2 4/2 Benadryl
4 1/1 Benadryl VV

Subtotal: 7.53
total: 7.67 on cc

Maybe I should return the wipes. They aren't even a good deal...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Um... Can I Keep That Coupon I Just Used??

Quick post during the commercials of LOST...

My husband has been pretty impressed with the great deals I've been getting since I started using coupons. But he still thinks that he is the coupon king due to an experience he had at an auto parts store. I gave him a coupon to use for $10 off your $25 purchase. Well, after my husband used the coupon and paid, he realized that he should have bought a few more things. So he asked the sales clerk if he could have the coupon back... and the guy gave it to him, and he proceeded to use it again! Too funny. Imagine asking a sales clerk at Rite Aid if you could have the coupon you just used back to use again. Their heads would explode. OK, LOST is back - gotta run!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Forgive Me For Trying To Save a Few Bucks!

The assistant manager who rang me up at Rite Aid yesterday was so slow. The coupons wouldn't scan for her for some reason, and she was entering them manually. I think I stood in front of that register for 5 minutes, reading random labels on things like chap stick while she figured it all out. When it was finally time to go, I gave her a big "Have a great day." Silence. Don't you hate it when you can't even get a goodbye. Seriously, did I ruin her entire day by using a few coupons??

2 TGIF snacks .99 each
2 Everlast supplements 19.99 BOGO
Benadryl 4.99 (still working toward the allergy rewards rebates)
1 Bounty Basic .99

Everlast BOGO
1.50/1 TGIF
1/1 Benadryl

total: .46 on cc

I had a 2nd 1.50/1 TGIF coupon but at the last minute, I realized I would have gone negative. I should have quickly grabbed a filler but instead I just didn't use the coupon.

I'm loving all these BOGO Rite Aid deals. I'm going to be going through withdrawal when they're done!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Making Money on Diapers...and More Cover Girl!

The above picture is of most of the goods I got yesterday. (Sorry for such a horrible picture!) I did 4 transactions at 2 Rite Aids. I say "most" because right after I took the picture, I realized I had another Rite Aid bag with a few more things. I went to add them, but then one of the packages of diapers fell, and I caught it with this picture in mid-fall!

Needless to say, everything got knocked off the stove. At that point, pizza arrived for dinner so I gave up on photos.

Store 1 Transaction 1:
8 Cover Girl 9.39 BOGO
2 Nivea Body Wash 3.50 each
1 Pampers 9.99
1 EOS lip balm 2.99

5/20 VV
2 4/1 Nivea ($1 overage)
5/1 Pampers (that I got for complaining about broken tabs)
4 Cover Girl BOGO

subtotal: 1.98
total w/ tax: 5.54 (4.79 on gift card, .75 cash)
will submit for 2.00 lip balm scr and 1.50 pampers scr, as well as cover girl rebate

Store 1, transaction 2:
Honey cheese curls .99 (helper bribe)
3 kotex .99 each
1 carefree .99
1 pampers 9.99
2 dawn .99 each
6 cover girl 8.19 bogo

3 covergirl bogo
5/1 pampers
2 1/1 dawn
1/1 carefree
1/1 kotex
1.50/2 kotex
1/1 vv kotex

subtotal: .42
with tax: 2.86 on gift card
will submit for 1.50 pampers scr

Store 2, transaction 1:
2 kotex .99 each
eos lip balm 2.99
benadryl 5.49
6 cover girl 8.49 BOGO

5/20 vv
1.50/2 kotex
1/1 kotex vv
3 bogo cover girl

subtotal: 2.96
with tax: 4.76 on cc
will submit for eos 2.00 scr, cover girl rebate, and benadryl for 2 scr's

Store 2, transaction 2:
milk 2.19
2 pampers wipes 2 for 5.00
motrin pm 5.49
6 cover girl 7.59 BOGO

5/20 vv
3 BOGO cover girl
3/1 motrin
3/1 motrin in-ad

with tax: 3.50 on cc
will submit for cover girl rebate

The plan for this week:
  • more overage at Rite Aid with Everlast purchases used to buy Benadryl so I can eventually get the allergy rewards double dip.
  • Nature's Bounty overage at CVS that I'll use for a Huggies money maker!! Here's the deal:
Buy 4 Nature's Bounty at 4.99 each
Use 4 5/1 coupons
10.02 overage
Buy 1 pk Huggies 8.49
Buy something to be determined to eat up the rest of the overage
Get 2.00 ECB = money maker on diapers!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Free Makeup... and Dog Food Too.

Notice the tail...? Does anyone else have a cat that refuses to let you take a photo without him in it?

First stop today was CVS. I realized last night I had let a couple Extra Bucks expire!! The Horror!! Well, I decided to go first thing in the morning, and if they called me on it, I would play dumb. Uh, isn't today the 5th? I had a really nice cashier and even though they did beep, she entered them in differently, I think she said as coupons, but I'm not sure.

1st transaction at CVS:
1 Physicians Formula Bamboo Compact with Try Me Free label

Coupons used:
4/1 physicians formula

Subtotal: $.99
Total: 1.55 in cash (was so excited about the expired extra bucks working, I forgot to hand her my cvs gift card)

Will submit for rebate ($6.95 is maximum value on rebate form) = MONEYMAKER of $5.40

2nd transaction at CVS:
1 CVS 3 pk of paper towels 2.50 (Ridiculously expensive for paper towels, right? But I was in a rush.)
7 Beneful dog food meals on clearance $.72 each (Again, very expensive for dog food! My dog is very spoiled and LOVES wet food!)
1 M+M's .89
2 caramels .33 each

The candy was added at the register when I needed a little bit more so I could use my 8.99 extra bucks. Not very good planning on this trip.

8.99 extra bucks

Subtotal: $.10
Total with tax: $.83 paid with cash (forgot to use that darn gift card again - my cell phone was ringing and distracted me!)

On to Rite Aid, where the Cover Girl craziness continues.

1st transaction at RA:
6 Cover Girl concealors 8.19 BOGO
Benadryl 24 ct 5.49

3 BOGO Cover Girl

Subtotal: $.49
Total: $2.06 on RA gift card

2nd transaction at RA:
4 Cover Girl powder 8.29 BOGO
1 Benadryl 24 ct 5.49

5/20 VV
2 Cover Girl BOGO

Subtotal: $.49
Total: $1.42 on RA gift card

I'll be submitting my receipts for this Cover Girl rebate, as well as the SCR that gives you a P+G coupon book.

Plan for tomorrow - more Cover Girl, of course. But I think I'll put those high value $5 Pampers coupons I got to good use at RA instead of getting more Benadryl tomorrow. I have plenty of time to get the Benadryl but I want to get the Pampers while there's still an SCR which will make them a moneymaker. Also, Rite Aid has a few of the old Pampers Cruisers left, and I haven't been happy with the "new and improved" Dry Max ones... Anyone else having issues with them?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2 Quick Cover Girl Transactions

My mom has a cold and hasn't been over to help take care of the kids, so I haven't been able to get to Rite Aid as much as I planned. I managed 2 quick transactions at Rite Aid today:

1st transaction:
4 Cover Girl 11.82 BOGO
1 Benadryl 24 ct 5.49

2 BOGO Cover Girl

subtotal: .49
with tax: 1.98 on gift card

2nd transaction:
4 Cover Girl 9.39 BOGO
1 Benadryl 24 ct 5.49

2 BOGO Cover Girl

subtotal: .49
with tax: 1.59 on gift card

I read on We Use Coupons that some people were having problems with their Cover Girl items beeping. If you buy the items that have the barcodes that match the coupon, they shouldn't beep. I haven't had any problems.

I decided to start buying the Benadryl with each transaction so that I can double dip with the Rite Aid allergy rewards (Allergy Rewards Gift Certificate ($20 when you spend $75) and the $10 gift card when you spend $25 or $25 gift card when you spend $50). It's a great moneymaker, and I can always put the gift cards I get toward free diapers!

I saw here on frugalsuz's blog that there's a Cover Girl rebate!!! I'm so excited to get some money back for all this free makeup! Go all the way to the bottom of the page and read the small print. You can get $12 back instead of the magazine deal. I'm also submitting all my Cover Girl receipts for the Rite Aid SCR #4 - a P+G coupon book.

The plan for tomorrow... Got some Extra Bucks at CVS I gotta spend, and hopefully another couple Cover Girl transactions.

And in totally random thoughts... Wasn't LOST great last night?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Let the Cover Girl Craziness Begin!

I started the Cover Girl deals today. I have 23 Buy One Get One coupons to use so I'm going to be going to Rite Aid A LOT!! I actually went to one store first and saw that a certain grumpy manager was working, so I decided to just leave and head to the Rite Aid a couple miles away. Sure, I could have pulled out the Rite Aid coupon policy that I carry with me, which clearly states the BOGO policy, but I really didn't feel like a confrontation today. Maybe tomorrow I'll be up for it :)

I decided to use today's $5 overage on wipes, which we are still low on. But I'm also considering using it to buy Benadryl because then I can get the Allergy Rewards Gift Certificate ($20 when you spend $75) and the double dip ($10 gift card when you spend $25 or $25 gift card when you spend $50). If I buy Benadryl with my overage from using a 5/25 with every transaction, I should be able to get both rebates, right? If anyone has done this double dip, let me know if it works!!

Here's what I got today:
2 Everlast Recovery 19.99 BOGO
2 Cover Girl 9.39 BOGO
2 Pampers Wipes 2/$5
1 Charms Blowpop $.50 (gotta bribe my helper)

BOGO Everlast
BOGO Cover Girl

Subtotal: $.50
With tax: 1.29 on Rite Aid gift card

I just signed up for the Rite Aid Wellness card online but I forgot to print my temporary card and bring it with me today. I want to start using it as soon as possible because it seems like I should be able to work my way up the ladder of perks pretty quickly if they count pre-coupon totals.

Other stuff...
Also pictured with my Rite Aid purchases are some freebies in the mail. OK Magazine, a free bottle of ketchup, and free turkey bacon. Plus, my 22 cover girl coupons that arrived today!

And finally, I got a CVS survey today and earned 2 ECB for about 30 seconds work. Now I gotta rest up for more Cover Girl craziness tomorrow!